Design Your Dream:

Your Financial Plan for Success

Welcome to Design Your Dream: Your Financial Plan for Success, where you'll design your personal financial plan to meet your goals, care for your loved ones, and enjoy financial peace of mind.

** Control Your Financial Destiny **

You'll feel confident about your financial life, set some clear priorities, and move forward for financial peace of mind.

You'll complete this course with a CLEAR, PERSONALIZED plan with your top financial priorities.

** Feel Confident About Your Money **

In these quick, narrated video lessons, you will:

  • Learn two quick ways to INCREASE your income
  • Understand when NOT to invest.
  • Find the best savings rate – hint: it's NOT at the corner bank.
  • Master planning for college, whether your have years, months, or just weeks to prepare
  • Learn 10 Sources for Great FREE stuff.
  • Plan your next career, whether you're brand new or getting back into the work force after a break

“On My Way to Debt Free"

  • Learn the emergency-911- consumer debt strategy that YOU control – not the bankruptcy court!
  • Looking for work? Get three great tips for keeping yourself focused even when facing unemployment.
  • Join us for “7 Steps to get back on track" if your financial life is stuck in a ditch

Plus lots more:

  • The number one first step in your financial plan is this – and it's actually pretty easy
  • Three red flags that say you need a will right away
  • The basics for getting a mortgage
  • Ready to start investing? Here's a simple, sustainable newbie investment plan

We keep it fresh, with different styles and video themes. Free downloads include a 55-page e-book, a discount code for our other course, even a motivational video you can view, download, even post on your own website if you wish.

You'll complete the course with simple, powerful strategies to turbo-charge your financial life to the next level – with confidence! Press the “Take this Course" button on the right to get started.

Intended Audience: Anyone who wants to improve their financial situation.

Introduction, What to Expect
Emergency Savings Account: the First Building Block
Skyrocket your satisfaction: Charitable Giving
Make More Money: Career Considerations
Make More Money - Launch a Side Business
What to Do? Seven Tips for a Good News Windfall!
10 Sources for (Great) Free Stuff
Mortgage Basics and top 4 tips
Wills Level One: Talk the talk
Wills Level Two
Wills: Three Red Flags that you REALLY need an estate plan
Investing: When to Invest, When NOT to Invest
Investing Level Two: How and What to Invest
Investing Level Three: Retirement
Paying for College Long Term -- Are you sure you want to?
Paying for College Part Two - Planning One to Three Years ahead
Paying for College Part Three - One to Three Months ahead
Yikes! It's a Whole New Ball Game! Steps 1 - 3 to Get Back on Track
Seven Steps 4 - 6 to Get Back on Track
Seven Steps Step Seven - Sabotage! It Happens
Unemployment: The gift that won't stop giving.
Debt: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Power Your Way to Debt-Free, Lesson One
Power Your Way to Debt-Free, Lesson Two
Power Your Way to Debt-Free, Lesson Three
Power Your Way to Debt-Free, Lesson Four
Power Your Way to Debt-Free, Lesson Five
"Where do I Stand?" The Net Worth Statement
"How am I Doing?" Income Statement - Cash Flow
Calculate your monthly income (if you get paid every two weeks)
Super-Strategy: The Power of the Cash Flow Statement
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E-Book: Design Your Dream Financial Future
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What's included

  • 32 Video Lessons
  • 3 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Christine Williams JD MSW